Philosophy of life

I read some philosophy books in the past like Sufi’s world and alphabets of philosophy. So, I am familiar with some expressions of it about the goal of human life, but I’m not going to write such things.
I want to write about my own goals in my life right now. And they can change in the future as they’re different from my goals in the past. I can speak about myself just like that I am right now.
Peace is the most important thing for me. Peace inside my heart, peace in my family and, peace in the world. I never do anything that destroys this. I want to live in peace and, I want to rest in peace after my life.
I’m married. My spouse and I have a baby that we love him. We are a happy family, I think. I have good parents that they always support me. I have a few friends. I don’t have a lot. And it’s not a problem in my opinion. I have carefully chosen my friends. The proverb that says: “One enemy is more and one thousand friends are a little” isn’t right. The second part of that is wrong, I think. I don’t have a lot of friends but I can keep calm with them. I don’t like my job because there is no peace in my workplace. My colleagues and my boss aren’t honest with me. They think they can progress in their job by pulling the rug out from under others. I would leave my job if I could find a new one.
I don’t mean laziness when I talk about peace. I study English every day. I usually do exercise, I love running and cycling. And, I try to be up-to-date in my major.  Everyone can prove that I’m skillful in programming and designing websites.

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