Birthday’s cake

Next Saturday is my wife’s birthday. I want to do something. I buy a hand-made bag and a wallet for her. But I haven’t ordered a cake too. I thought the cake must have an item related to her.  Because of these days, she’s working on her thesis and it’s on the final steps. I thought I can choose a cake about it. and I googled “birthday cake for graduation”. I didn’t find an ideal theme, but I chose one.
The next step is ordering. As I wrote in the previous post I live in a small city so I can’t go to a confectionery store and say: Please design this theme for me. There just sell simple cakes and sweets.
So I have to find those who work at home and accept orders from social media.
Then I asked my colleague if she knows anyone and she gave me two Instagram’s id. I called them but both said that they can’t prepare my order at this time.
I’m confused. my colleague has gone home and I don’t know what I can do.

The first one

These few sentences are just to start. All the things that you must know are that I want to learn English and I do everything to achieve my goal.
I know some ways to improve my listening and my reading but for speaking? You’ll say that I must attend to an English classroom or find a partner to speak. I know these ways too.
But I live in a small city and the facilities aren’t enough I can’t find an English partner easily and classes are limited. Also, I don’t have enough free time.
So I decided to create this blog and write about everything here. Because you know writing and speaking are very similar. Both are output skills.
I want you to help me with your suggestions.
Thank you.

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