their tricky methods

I’ve decided to don’t attend any politic parties and, don’t debate with anyone about politic. It’s my personal decision and, all are dependent on me.Some days ago, someone who I know him in some ways, called to invite me for a seminar about philosophy. He knew that I like this topic. I checked my scheduleContinue reading “their tricky methods”

Educational Background

I graduated from Shiraz University of technology with a worthless degree. I studied Information Technology there, and I’m going to write about why I chose this course and something else about it.My father bought a PC for me when I was 16 and, I was a high school student.I remember that I was a curiousContinue reading “Educational Background”

Dream holidays

It’s always more difficult to answer to general questions than exact questions. For example, it’s more simple for me to answer this: What’s your dream weekend? Because I know how long does take that, so I can wish my best dependent on it.It’s not my trick to escape answering to this question. It’s a fact.Continue reading “Dream holidays”

Huge sadness

I highly recommend you to watch “Touran Khanom”.  It’s a documentary about Touran Mirhadi, the founder of modern education in Iran and, this documentary focused on the last years of her life; the time that she works hard while she is very old and sick. The most important her quote is: “Convert your huge sadnessContinue reading “Huge sadness”

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