Future plans

You know I can’t control everything in my life. I’m not the only driver of my life. So, I can’t plan for my future by myself. Also, I don’t know everything about my situation in the future. Then I can’t speak about my plans with details.
If I can manage everything then, I’ll resign my job and sell all and, next, I’ll apply for a new job in a Scandinavian country. It’s obvious, the first part of it is very easy. I can do it in half a day. I don’t have a lot and, I’m not an expert that my employer can’t find another instead of me.
My friends have migrated to Europe, North America, and Australia that all aren’t extremely more skilled than me, so I can’t say the second part of my plan is very challenging. But it’s more complicated than the first one.
It’s not all things. I’m not alone. I’m sure that my wife would go along with me. I can’t ask our parents, please don’t miss us, please don’t worry, all the things will be Okay.
We can’t tell them we are moving from hell to heaven. It means that we are leaving them in hell.
It was my dream plan but, it’s very tough, more than my strength to do it simply.
You know our situation in this country, we can’t plan for several years, everything is variable, politics, economy, etc. I’m not sure that I can send this because the government may be going to shut down the Internet.

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