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I’ve decided to don’t attend any politic parties and, don’t debate with anyone about politic. It’s my personal decision and, all are dependent on me.
Some days ago, someone who I know him in some ways, called to invite me for a seminar about philosophy. He knew that I like this topic. I checked my schedule and said that I’d attended on that occasion because I was free at that time. He called me the next day and the day after it.
I went to the seminar, the topic was my favorite, but the speech wasn’t at a top-level. It was not bad, not good either. Briefly, I can say that it didn’t add me a lot.
And I just knew something that it’s bothering me. The speaker of the seminar is a parliament nominee and, that seminar was a part of his advertisements for the next election.
I’m upset with myself, because of relying on everyone. I cheated.



Note: Only I wanted to write something, my most important goal in this blog is writing practice, specially in this post.

I don’t remember who was he or she said; There are only two kinds of governments in the world. And, these two kinds include all other categories, that politicians and economists describe the governments based on them.
First, a government that plays a parent roll and, second, a government that does its career as a company.
Can you tell me what is the similarity between parental or servicing rolls?
The first kind wants to interfere in everything, the government enters the people’s private lives too, The leaders’ manners are similar to such parents that advise their children all the time and say this is good, this is bad.
For example, Internet censorship is a common problem in those countries, because, the leaders want to guide their people.
The best example of this kind of government is my country Iran.
And, in the second kind, the government is very smaller than the first kind. Because the government has some obvious rules and only do them. In a whole vision, people pay taxes and receive some services. If people don’t pay the tax they’ll be punished. And, if the government doesn’t present their services, the people can compliant them in the court. I think the best example of such countries is the US.

Educational Background

I graduated from Shiraz University of technology with a worthless degree. I studied Information Technology there, and I’m going to write about why I chose this course and something else about it.
My father bought a PC for me when I was 16 and, I was a high school student.
I remember that I was a curious teenager and, the computer was a vast world that I could discover it. I began being an expert in it.
Computers were not a usual facility in every home. I’m talking about 17 years ago. And I remember, dad paid more than his several months’ salaries for that. The cost was more than my first wage ten years later too.
The operating system and typical applications were very easy for me. I wanted to do something more challenging. I had read the word computer programing in some magazines, and I want to do that. But I didn’t know anything. After exploring all the libraries in my town, I found a book about programming. Pascal in three days, it was the book’s name.
I read the whole book in less than three days, I created some simple applications, and I was still curious.
The teacher of next year in high school was my last hope. I thought he could help me. Students read a computer unit in the third year in high school.
But the unit and the teacher were the most disappointing things in that time. The computer unit was about hardware, not software. And its teacher didn’t answer my questions at all. He didn’t know the answers. But he said it’s very complicated for you. That wrong man irritated me completely.
I graduated high school two years later. I was fantastic at the university’s entrance exam. I could choose any major and any universities.
It’s obvious which major I chose. I don’t want to explain more. shortly, the university and information technology were similar to the teacher and computer unit in my high school.
I understood that I should go it alone instead of relying on the weak educational system in my country.
Now I’m a part-time computer programmer and web designer.

Future plans

You know I can’t control everything in my life. I’m not the only driver of my life. So, I can’t plan for my future by myself. Also, I don’t know everything about my situation in the future. Then I can’t speak about my plans with details.
If I can manage everything then, I’ll resign my job and sell all and, next, I’ll apply for a new job in a Scandinavian country. It’s obvious, the first part of it is very easy. I can do it in half a day. I don’t have a lot and, I’m not an expert that my employer can’t find another instead of me.
My friends have migrated to Europe, North America, and Australia that all aren’t extremely more skilled than me, so I can’t say the second part of my plan is very challenging. But it’s more complicated than the first one.
It’s not all things. I’m not alone. I’m sure that my wife would go along with me. I can’t ask our parents, please don’t miss us, please don’t worry, all the things will be Okay.
We can’t tell them we are moving from hell to heaven. It means that we are leaving them in hell.
It was my dream plan but, it’s very tough, more than my strength to do it simply.
You know our situation in this country, we can’t plan for several years, everything is variable, politics, economy, etc. I’m not sure that I can send this because the government may be going to shut down the Internet.

Dream holidays

It’s always more difficult to answer to general questions than exact questions. For example, it’s more simple for me to answer this: What’s your dream weekend? Because I know how long does take that, so I can wish my best dependent on it.
It’s not my trick to escape answering to this question. It’s a fact. And I’ll try to write about my dream holidays in some different situations.
1-I’d grab a few necessary things and I’d put them to my backpack before starting my long trip around Iran by my bike in the first days of Persian new year.  I think it takes one month or more. I’d ride about 100 km each day. I could ride more but cycling isn’t my goal it’s my vehicle I want to watch nature and listen to wind and birds. It would be ideal if my wife and my son will come with me.
2- I’d stay home and relax after a busy week in a short weekend. I don’t want to sleep for rest. I prefer to watch a good movie while I’m reclining in my bed and I can have my breakfast and my coffee there.
3- I’d move to the country with my family for five days holiday. We’d wake up by the singing of roosters and barking of dogs in the early morning. we’d eat fresh milk and eggs and hot beard for our breakfast. Then, we’d walk in the narrow and beautiful lanes of the country. We’d say hello to everyone kids, youth and, elders. And they’d say hello to us too.

Philosophy of life

I read some philosophy books in the past like Sufi’s world and alphabets of philosophy. So, I am familiar with some expressions of it about the goal of human life, but I’m not going to write such things.
I want to write about my own goals in my life right now. And they can change in the future as they’re different from my goals in the past. I can speak about myself just like that I am right now.
Peace is the most important thing for me. Peace inside my heart, peace in my family and, peace in the world. I never do anything that destroys this. I want to live in peace and, I want to rest in peace after my life.
I’m married. My spouse and I have a baby that we love him. We are a happy family, I think. I have good parents that they always support me. I have a few friends. I don’t have a lot. And it’s not a problem in my opinion. I have carefully chosen my friends. The proverb that says: “One enemy is more and one thousand friends are a little” isn’t right. The second part of that is wrong, I think. I don’t have a lot of friends but I can keep calm with them. I don’t like my job because there is no peace in my workplace. My colleagues and my boss aren’t honest with me. They think they can progress in their job by pulling the rug out from under others. I would leave my job if I could find a new one.
I don’t mean laziness when I talk about peace. I study English every day. I usually do exercise, I love running and cycling. And, I try to be up-to-date in my major.  Everyone can prove that I’m skillful in programming and designing websites.


Everyone knows aerobics these days, I think. But it was a new sport in Iran fifteen years old. And, when my friends and I saw a notification that says: “Aerobics will be introduced in the gym at 14 o’clock, it’s open to the public”, we were very curious about it.
We went to the gym to watch aerobics. We didn’t know anything about it and we didn’t hear its name too. A team had come to the university to introduce aerobics to students. leader of the team was a woman and some beautiful girls and handsome boys behind her were doing some rhythmic workouts while exciting music was playing. It was similar to a group dance, and it was so interesting to us.


Last day, Amin called me, I’m an employee at a university and he was a student here, several years ago, not an ordinary student, really a special student, so I could remember him after these years. He is a unique student for me because, he could speak English and Italian fluently, he had good information on poetry, philosophy, mythology, and technology. I always preferred talking to him to my colleagues.
First, he asked me to send a certification to his workplace. This request is a routine in my job.
Then he said to me that he is in a dilemma. He has fallen in love with a lady three years ago. This lady lives with her mother in Yazd(Yazd is a province of Iran) and Amin works in an oil company in the south. And, He can’t marry his love without leaving his good job.

Huge sadness

I highly recommend you to watch “Touran Khanom”.  It’s a documentary about Touran Mirhadi, the founder of modern education in Iran and, this documentary focused on the last years of her life; the time that she works hard while she is very old and sick. The most important her quote is: “Convert your huge sadness to a huge work”. She learned it from her mother and, she always does it.
Last day, I write something to one of my students, that instead of wasting your anger from the government by spreading jokes and junks, try to be more powerful, by improving your knowledge and your skills.

And today, I watched this documentary, I think it was an inspiration from heaven. So I highly recommend you to watch it again.


I want to write about one of my amusing hobbies. I think you’ll say I’m so crazy or I’m mentally sick after you read that.
I go to an online shop and select a category of products, usually a category that, I like or I know something about it. Then I sort products by their price from highest to lowest. and finally, I’ll surprise and, I’ll say: Who can buy this?
For example, the last time that I checked Digikala(Digikala is an Iranian online shop) in the stationary categories I decided to browse between mechanical pencils. Then I said wow like previous times. Because I had found a mechanical pencil that its price was more than my salary.