Educational Background

I graduated from Shiraz University of technology with a worthless degree. I studied Information Technology there, and I’m going to write about why I chose this course and something else about it.
My father bought a PC for me when I was 16 and, I was a high school student.
I remember that I was a curious teenager and, the computer was a vast world that I could discover it. I began being an expert in it.
Computers were not a usual facility in every home. I’m talking about 17 years ago. And I remember, dad paid more than his several months’ salaries for that. The cost was more than my first wage ten years later too.
The operating system and typical applications were very easy for me. I wanted to do something more challenging. I had read the word computer programing in some magazines, and I want to do that. But I didn’t know anything. After exploring all the libraries in my town, I found a book about programming. Pascal in three days, it was the book’s name.
I read the whole book in less than three days, I created some simple applications, and I was still curious.
The teacher of next year in high school was my last hope. I thought he could help me. Students read a computer unit in the third year in high school.
But the unit and the teacher were the most disappointing things in that time. The computer unit was about hardware, not software. And its teacher didn’t answer my questions at all. He didn’t know the answers. But he said it’s very complicated for you. That wrong man irritated me completely.
I graduated high school two years later. I was fantastic at the university’s entrance exam. I could choose any major and any universities.
It’s obvious which major I chose. I don’t want to explain more. shortly, the university and information technology were similar to the teacher and computer unit in my high school.
I understood that I should go it alone instead of relying on the weak educational system in my country.
Now I’m a part-time computer programmer and web designer.

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