Note: Only I wanted to write something, my most important goal in this blog is writing practice, specially in this post.

I don’t remember who was he or she said; There are only two kinds of governments in the world. And, these two kinds include all other categories, that politicians and economists describe the governments based on them.
First, a government that plays a parent roll and, second, a government that does its career as a company.
Can you tell me what is the similarity between parental or servicing rolls?
The first kind wants to interfere in everything, the government enters the people’s private lives too, The leaders’ manners are similar to such parents that advise their children all the time and say this is good, this is bad.
For example, Internet censorship is a common problem in those countries, because, the leaders want to guide their people.
The best example of this kind of government is my country Iran.
And, in the second kind, the government is very smaller than the first kind. Because the government has some obvious rules and only do them. In a whole vision, people pay taxes and receive some services. If people don’t pay the tax they’ll be punished. And, if the government doesn’t present their services, the people can compliant them in the court. I think the best example of such countries is the US.

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