Dream holidays

It’s always more difficult to answer to general questions than exact questions. For example, it’s more simple for me to answer this: What’s your dream weekend? Because I know how long does take that, so I can wish my best dependent on it.
It’s not my trick to escape answering to this question. It’s a fact. And I’ll try to write about my dream holidays in some different situations.
1-I’d grab a few necessary things and I’d put them to my backpack before starting my long trip around Iran by my bike in the first days of Persian new year.  I think it takes one month or more. I’d ride about 100 km each day. I could ride more but cycling isn’t my goal it’s my vehicle I want to watch nature and listen to wind and birds. It would be ideal if my wife and my son will come with me.
2- I’d stay home and relax after a busy week in a short weekend. I don’t want to sleep for rest. I prefer to watch a good movie while I’m reclining in my bed and I can have my breakfast and my coffee there.
3- I’d move to the country with my family for five days holiday. We’d wake up by the singing of roosters and barking of dogs in the early morning. we’d eat fresh milk and eggs and hot beard for our breakfast. Then, we’d walk in the narrow and beautiful lanes of the country. We’d say hello to everyone kids, youth and, elders. And they’d say hello to us too.

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